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HQ50 6mb antenna




Aggiornato 23.11.2009

My name is


I'm 50 years old, and I'm HAM sinca 1976.....I was 16 years old when I got Ham Radio licence. I like to listen to  broadcast and community radios expecially on 49mb and utility; I like home made and sometime I designed and built antennas

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My shack


I have a passion for Collins radios and equipments. I like all surplus and vintage radios, military equipments, but the passion for Collins is very strong and it come up from when I was young, sice 1976: in the electronics shop I watched Collins rigs but the prices were very high for my pockets.

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These pages are dedicated


 to my wife: Franca.






A New YAESU FT-9000DX  is just arrived in my shack!

It is a partner of  one Elekraft K3



Panadaptor   --- Coming soon !









i5ihe @ usa.net



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